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Education products ranging from devices, systems, content and apps are commonly deployed in institutions through a technical lens. Basic pedagogical focus, such as learning outcomes, is often not given enough emphasis.

While technically trained about the products, educators often do not really know when best to infuse or blend the products or services for their education management process or within the intricacies of their teaching and learning activities.

This similar challenge is observed even amongst students who are digital natives. While they tend to be more technologically savvy, they don't  readily apply it to their learning experience.

Due to skill gaps in applying the technical knowledge, students and educators’ capacity to innovate their learning and teaching is prohibited. This results in low adoption, hence, low ROI. Products become white elephants. Due to this, technology deployment projects have low sustainability.

We bridge the gaps between businesses and education institutions by offering market access and insights to customers’ unique requirements. We map education products and services with teaching and learning processes as well as education institution management requirements.

We develop competencies for both businesses and customers so that they gain mutual appreciation and acceptance of their respective requirements.

Direct benefits of products and services will become apparent in the short term. Adoption rates will be accelerated. At Tech Capacity, we recognize that the connection and competencies of both parties form vital ingredients to sustain and scale digital products and services in the education environment.

​“Technology will come when first we understand what requirements
it takes for learners to handle it!”

Datin Dr. Norrizan Razali,
Founder and Managing Director, Tech Capacity

​“Digitally, now students
have access to rich content 
in various forms and formats 
- outside the classroom!”

Datin Dr. Norrizan Razali,
Founder and Managing Director, Tech Capacity


"Working with Dr. Norrizan will ensure that the task in hand will be fruitful as she is a person with high integrity and an authority in her field" 

Faiz Al-Shahab, Managing Director, Co-Founder of

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