Tech Capacity, is a private limited company located in the central business district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It’s establishment complements the founder’s passion for delivering the ultimate learning experience for educators and students.

The 21st Century education development is increasingly characterised by the confluence of pedagogy and technology. This puts huge pressure on educators. A variety of reasons have been identified to explain the low adoption of technology. However, major barriers limiting educators and students in optimizing digital provisions include lack of digital skills, confidence, pedagogical training and suitable educational software. These constraints limit students and educators' actual capacity to perform and enhance their skills to produce desired results.

Bringing out the optimal capacity of students and educators to perform and enhance their skills is central to Tech Capacity's mission. Tech Capacity addresses the pressing need of overcoming pervading issues of low adoption and low sustainability rates of educational technology deployment confronted by both businesses and education institutions at all levels.

Tech Capacity rests on the foundation that assimilating technology with pedagogical objectives is a fundamental consideration for a successful educational technology deployment. With over 25 years of expertise, Tech Capacity maps pedagogical requirements of education institutions, corporates, businesses and organizations and integrates technology into their programs and solutions.

Tech Capacity delivers specialized new-fashioned services for education and skill development to three sets of audience: 1. corporate, businesses and organizations 2. higher education 3. K 12. 

Various services offered by Tech Capacity are aimed to develop stakeholders’ capacity to accelerate adoption rate that is key to sustaining, scaling and helping to meet ROIs of both businesses and education institutions.

Over the mid to long term, Tech Capacity is poised to become the preferred partner for corporate, businesses, organizations and education institutions considering to introduce technology-driven education solutions and programs.